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                                                                                                                                                     The Fat Pug

By Maureen Kline

For many of us that have a fat pug, we try the dry weight control foods, and either the dog will not eat it or it just doesn't seem to make much difference. The problem with dry dog food is the grains that is used to make the food. Actually can dog food has very little grains. One of the worst mistack's that people make is giving to many treats. You need to give a treat that first is not a proscessed food type, like those soft chewy type treats. You can substitute with good treats like carrots!

The average 15 lb. dog should only consume around 250 calories day as the average human needs 2000 calories per day. So remember that when you are feeding your dog. I do believe that a dog should be feed twice a day if possible it tends to keep them from vomiting up stomach Bilal because their stomach is empty. ( that's the yellow flemey stuff)

You can make your own dog food and make it a low Carb diet. I had a Pug that I was showing and the judge said she was to fat. She was only getting one meal a day of about 1 cup dry food and lots of exercise.


I mix up frozen green beans, broccoli and some carrots (easy on the carrots) and hot dogs and put it thought a meat grinder then add cottage cheese mix well and freeze it in containers that when thawed would feed her for about 3 days. I was able to feed her twice a day and could give her about 3/4 cup per feeding. At first she did not dive into it, but in a very short time she loved it. And the weight started coming of. I noticed it in about two weeks. After a couple of months I could give her some dry food.


Know you don't have to use hot dogs you can use boiled chicken or hamburger (Make the mix at least half Meat). There are company's that make diets that are frozen like the raw diet. But if you have only one or two Pugs you can make a batch that will last a month  (Most be frozen). Its not hard and you will feel better that your not starving you Pug!


A low carb diet is used for diabetics, and how many times have you know someone that became diabetic and changed their diet and lost weight!


Up Date:

Now that there are dog foods that have no grains in them, it is much easier to keep the weight off our dogs. Corn is very fatting!