Pug Dog  Club of Maryland, Inc.

     Founded 1959


  The Pug Dog Club of Maryland is offering two kinds of memberships. The first is to the Breeder ~ Exhibitor.

                                                                The second is to the Pet owner!

Class 1 Membership -  As a Exhibitor or breeder  your membership will give you the right to vote on things within the club, and you will be able to campaign for any position within the club. The membership fee is $15.00 per member per year. We do offer a membership for under 18 years of age which is just $5.00 per year , but they do not have any voting rights and can not run for an office. But they will be given the status of being a full member from the time of acceptance as a minor. With this membership you must agree to the Code of Ethics.

 Class 2 Membership -   As a pet owner  your membership fee will be $10.00 per year, this will be for the whole family . You will receive info on any upcoming events and any news relating to the Pug. Or anything that we may find helpful. And you will be able to summit a photo of you and your dog , which will be posted at the site. (Must be rated PG )