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Do Pugs Shed ?

#That is a question that I get from some one thinking about getting a Pug. Any one that has ever had a Pug knows that answer.. And the answer is OH YES!!

But do not fear there are things that you can do to help reduce the shedding. If you are lucky enough to have a Pug that does not have that very heavy double coat the shedding is not as bad. There are some pugs that have what is called a single coat, which is not normal (but I wish I had more of that).

Pugs are not a doggie odor breed, and their coat does not real holed dirt. Like you would find in the Shih Tzu or other long coated breeds. If it was not for the shedding they could go for long times between baths.

Many times people say I bath my dog but they still shed?

I recommend when you bath you Pug mix up a dilation of a liquid dish soap with more water and wet your Pug down with some water and then applied the soap and work it into the coat. And then take a steal comb or a dog rack and run the comb though the coat with the soap in it.. This real get the soap all though the coat and helps loosen up the shedding hair that needs to come out. Then rinse very well and if the dog has a very heavy coat you my wish to do it again. After that you may use a shampoo that smells nice but avoid any heavy conditioners. The only time I would recommend conditioners is if the coat is dry out. Then you must thoroughly dry and comb the coat, do not live it wet as that can cause a problem. Again a steel comb and a slicker brush or what is called a shedding blade is to be used.

Then there is another choice that you may wish to do and that is shaving the dog down.. You can clipper cut your Pug down with I like to use is a 9# blade. Any thing closer may cause irritation. But you do need to follow the derations above to get ride of all the louse hair and the coat must be full dried and combed out. When you clipper the dog you just do the body, you start at the base of the head to the tail. And you can clipper the tail also. I do not do the legs as they do not need it.

I do all my Pugs this way in the spring and if it's a house dog you may wish to do it more than once. But when you clipper the Pugs coat It may make a difference in how it grows back.. It seems to make the coat not as thick when it grows back. And you must follow the first step's to keep the coat in its best shape.

The only other things that pugs need to have done is their nails, clean the ears and wipe out under the nose roll. For the nails I like to dermel, you can buy an inexpensive cordless one. Sometimes it takes two people, but start your Pug young. The ears need cleaning more that any other part of the Pug. Use cotton swabs and you can dip them in rubbing alcohol. And under the nose roll you can just use a dry tissue and when you are bathing them you can use your finger and wash under it. Never put any creams or Vaseline under the nose roll. If there is a problem under the nose roll you need to get a ointment  from your Vet.



This is one of my girls before a hair cut. She has a very dense coat and was harder to cut down and she did not turn out a nice as some of my others. But I did shave her in mid March so her coat was still heavy.

She does show some clipper lines but most of the coat is gone!


This is one of my black girls she has a medium thick coat.

She cut's down nicely.

This Girl cut down very nice.