Pug Dog  Club of Maryland, Inc.

     Founded 1959



 American Kennel Club conformation is to earn its AKC Championship Title. The dog is graded on its conformation that fits the breed standard. The dog needs to earn 15 points to become a AKC Champion. The points are earned by being the best Dog and the best Bitch. The maximum points that can be earned at one show is 5 which means that they had to beat out a large number of dogs, and to earn 1 point there has to be at least 2 Dogs or 2 Bitch. And the dog must have what is called 2 majors which must be a minimum of 3, 4 or 5 points earned at one show. The number of points is given to the number of dogs that are defeated. The more dogs defeated the more points.  It does get a little more involved but this gives you a little idea to how the conformation works.

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Rally is a companion sport to AKC Obedience, It can be a starting place.

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Pugs are not always the best at excelling in Obedience,  but many pugs do very well and this is a great way of bonding with your dog. There are many titles that can be earned in obedience and you will need to find a training center or contact your local "All Breed Dog Club" they hold many forms of classes.

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Agility has become one of the biggest dog sporting events. And is very fun to watch as a spectator! The bonding that the dog has with its owner is just outstanding and the dog does it because they like it too! There again you will need to find a training center or a All Breed Club that offers classes.

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                                                Canine Good Citizen

This is a good event for Pugs because must of what is wanted is natural to the Pug. There may be a couple of things that they would have a problem with. You will note that as soon as you read it. But with just a little work even the Kids would be able to train the dog, and they would have the time.

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                                                    Therapy Dog

Pugs are just about one of the best dogs for therapy, especially a older Pug.

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