Pug Dog  Club of Maryland, Inc.

     Founded 1959


2014 Specialty April 19, 2014   Mr. William de Villeneuve

Best of Breed- GCH Hill Country's Tag I'm It (Dog)

Sire- CH Dulittle-Rose Locked and Loaded

Dam- Maskarade's Catch me If You Can

Owner- Carolyn Koch

Breeder- Kristy & Kevin Ratliff

Best of Opposite- CH Heuberg's Rough and Tumble (Bitch)

Sire- GCH Heuberg's Sneak Thief

Dam- CH Fantasia Heuberg Cindy Lou Who

Owner- Stacey Leadbetter & Larry Beard & Susan Kirk

Breeder- Larry Beard & Susan Koehler

Best of Winners- Heubergs Locklan Sneak Away

Sire- CH Heuberg's Chips Ahoy

Dam- CH Heuberg's Sneak Preview

Owner- Jutta & Larry Beard & Margaret Lockwood

Breeder- Jutta & Larry Beard & Margaret Lockwood

Winners Bitch- Double D's Crown Jewel

Sire- CH Belaire's The Fresh Prince

Dam- GCH Double D's Peek-A-Boo

Owner- Pamela & Michael Salomone

Breeder- Pamela & Michael Salomone